Stem Cell & Cord Blood Collection, Processing & Freezing


Triple Top and Bottom for volume reduction (2 equal collection lines for successive venepunctures)

Macopharma offers maximum flexibility:


Flexible range

  • Macopharma produces the widest range of stem cell collection systems.
  • All types of collection can be performed.
  • MACO BIOTECH Collection packs are the fastest and easiest way to process stem cells with the highest quality and volume reduction.
GSR 1000 AU
EVA bag for cord blood freezing
Fill volume: 10 – 30 mL
GSR 2001 AU
EVA bag for stem cell freezing
Fill volume: 30 – 70 mL
GSR 5001 AU
EVA bag for stem cell freezing
Fill volume: 60 – 100 mL
GSR 5020AU (140x318mm)
EVA bag for large tissue freezing or double overwrapping
GSR 7010AU (160x318mm)
EVA bag for large tissue freezing or double overwrapping

Packs For Human Tissue and Cell Freezing


The MACO BIOTECH range is the widest range of packs for tissue and cell freezing.


The cell and tissue freezing packs are suitable for storage in the liquid phase of nitrogen, and are adaptable to all needs with a large range of configurations, i.e. packs for cell banking, packs for tissue banking or double overwrapping for both cells and tissues.


Flexible range

  • Macopharma produces the widest range of packs for tissue and cell freezing.
  • The MACO BIOTECH products are adaptable to all needs.
  • MACO BIOTECH Freezing is the fastest-growing range of systems for cryopreservation in the human transplantation field.


Flexible use

  • The materials of all MACO BIOTECH Freezing containers are designed for extreme conditions: long-term resistance and flexibility are part of our expertise.
  • Cell freezing containers are equipped with manifold tubing for easy and secure fluid transfer.
  • The maximum shelf life of each overwrap is guaranteed outside the box thanks to the unique sterilisation of the entire system.




Cell Wash/ Infusion Bag Set

For processing of stored blood samples


  • Each set consists of bags connected by integral tubing for processing of blood samples and leads for attaching the freezing bag
  • Multiple medical injection sites for sampling
  • Compatible with Processing Bag Set




Processing Bag Set

For processing and storage of 25mL cryopreserved, concentrated blood samples


  • Each bag consists of bags connected by integral tubing for concentration and storage of blood sample
  • The freezing bag is a uniquely designed two-compartment bag for storage in liquid nitrogen
  • Multiple medical injection sites for sampling

Freezing Bag

For cryopreservation of 25mL concentrated blood samples

  • Uniquely designed two-compartment, three dimensional bag


are specially-designed stainless steel containers which hold samples for storage in the BioArchive® System.


  • The thermal properties of the canister augment heat transfer during freezing and protect the unit from uncontrolled warming when removing from the BioArchive® System
  • Dimension: 7.5cm x 9cm x 8cm
  • Fits 25mL storage bag
  • Individually wrapped with plastic zip lock bag to maintain sterility

Overwrap bags

are used to overwrap the freezing bags.

  • Teflon plastic composition will retain integrity at temperatures below -195˚C

Advanced Overwrap Sealing System

permits the operator to express the air and seal the overwrap around the freezing bag






I. Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO


DMSO-Dextran Cryopreservative Solution


  • DMSO USP grade, 55% w/v
  • Dextran T-40, 5% w/v, average molecular weight 40,000
  • In 0.9% NaCl
  • Filtered and Sterile
  • Type I borosilicate glass container
  • Grey butyl closure
  • Blue flip off aluminum seal
  • Expiration 16 months from date of manufacture 

Cryoserv® Cryopreservative Solution


  • Manufactured in an FDA approved sterile facility
  • Manufactured to the same specifications as all of our sterile drug products
  • Not less than 99% dimethyl sulfoxide
  • Finished product is fully tested prior to release, including sterility and endotoxin testing
  • Raw material conforms to United States Pharmacopeia (USP)
  • Available in 10 ml (11 gm) and 50 ml (55 gm) vials 

CryoSure® Cryopreservative Solution


  • Sterile, non-pyrogenic, endotoxin-free, free of mycoplasma
  • Dimethyl Sulfoxide Cryo-Preservative in Multidose containers
  • Containers are fitted with Flipoff-tearoff closures
  • Available in 10 ml Multi-dose 10/case, 50 ml Multi-dose 6/case, 70 ml Multi-dose 6/case. 


II. Hydroxyethyl Starch (HES) solution


Grifols HES ®


  • Molecular weight of 450,000 D.
  • MS of 0.7, indicated for long-term blood volume expansion requirements.
  • Stored in small glass vials to minimize contamination.