Products - Clinical Diagnostics



BACTEC™ FX and  BACTEC™ 9000 Automated Blood Culture Systems
offer performance, safety, reliability, ease of use, media quality and service

  • Helping to improve patient diagnosis and treatment.
  • Reducing healthcare costs through laboratory efficiencies.
  • Enabling improved Medical Outcomes.
  • Enhancing hospital and laboratory economic value.




Together with these blood culture systems are a variety of BD BACTEC™ Blood Culture Media which enable

  • Rapid time to detection with exceptional fluorescent technology.
  • Enhanced recovery of pathogenic isolates from blood cultures through the patented Resin media which help in identifying septic episodes sooner.
  • Better diagnostics outcomes achievable by patented Resin media formulation due to antibiotic neutralization and free of interference in bacterial staining procedure.
  • Sustainability of laboratory value to support different patient population and blood culture need achieved by a wide range of culture media available — for adult and ped patients; for aerobes and anaerobes; for yeast, fungi or mycobacteria recovery.


BACTEC  Instrumented Mycobacterial Growth Detection Systems which include BACTEC MGIT Systems and ProbeTec ET System.


  • Manual or full automation for mycobacteria growth, detection and susceptibility testing.
  • Flexibility in instrumental testing capacity,(available in two models for 320 and 960 tests respectively).
  • Non-invasive, non-radiometric, fluorescent-based detection technology which is safe for operation and is fast for result generation.






BD ProbeTec™ ET System

  • Strand Displacement Amplification (SDA) and real-time homogeneous detection technology to identify the presence of mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in clinical specimens.
  • This system could also be used to identify Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) and Neisseria gonorrhoeae (GC) in clinical specimens.
BD PhoenixTM 100 Automated Microbiology System
  • This system employs turbimetric, fluorogenic and chromogenic technologies to identify (genus and species) of an organism. In the presence of an organism, the organism either reacts with the substrate (positive reaction) or there is no reaction (negative reaction). When the positive and negative reactions are combined, the identification of the organism is determined.














BD DifcoTM and BBLTM Dehydrated Culture Media (DCM)

  • BD DCM are with a proven record of performance backed by over over 180 years of combined Difco™ and BBL™ expertise and is the only worldwide DCM, Peptone/Hydrolysate, and prepared media manufacturer with ISO 9000 Certification.


Direct Antigen Testing Systems

  • BD Diagnostic Systems has exhibited strong leadership in rapid detection of a wide range of pathogens including RSV and influenza virus, C. difficile, and Group A Strep. When it comes to serology testing, BD latex agglutination tests and RPR card tests have come to be the industry standards by which other tests are measured. BD serology testing products are stand out performers for accuracy, sensitivity and convenience.

BD Stains, Reagent Droppers and Indicators

  • Available in Reagent Droppers, Diagnostic kits, Antigens and Antisera, Strep Grouping Products to aid in the identification of Streptococci, Staphylococci, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella and a variety of other organisms.


BBLTM Sensi-DiscTM

  • Sensi-DiscTM has the largest offering of antimicrobial discs on the market. Sensi-disc line maintains focus on the release of new antimicrobics, adding to the selection of discs. Sensi-DiscTM dispenser is also available for ease of your work.



Vacutainer® Safety-Lok™ Blood Collection Set allow you to deliver exceptional patient care without compromising personal safety. The set offers you in one or many ways as follows.


  • Large, flexible wings improve method of entry during blood collection and infusion procedures.
  • Manufactured to meet OSHA safety standards, with needles that can be easily shielded with one-handed activation.
  • Translucent shield provides visualization of "flash back" after needle penetrates vein.
  • Product available in 7-inch tubing and 12-inch tubing, with or without Luer adapters.






Q-Hemostasis Analyzer is a state-of-the-arts analyzer designed to be used for hemostasis diagnosis. The system is

  • Flexible to testing process as system components are designed to be modular and concentric, which could reduce and minimize the movements of the cuvettes and the robots, resulting in time-saving and testing cost optimization.
  • Concentric in the design of system, so that the distance and movements of all the processes are minimized, achieving new levels of efficiency in a coagulometer.
  • Innovative as the system has been "humanized" in that samples have their own identity and move about individually. Moreover, the exclusive CDD Signature Reader "see" and "read" the whole process of the reaction produced in each cuvette. 



Triturus® Immunoassay System is a continuous batch analyser, which simultaneously schedules and manages different batches of multi-step immunoassay procedures. The system is able to

  • offer the most efficient approach to automation of the serology laboratory workload without changing the laboratory's normal workload routine.
  • be flexible to make it suitable for all types and sizes of serology laboratories.
  • permit programming of all the steps of any microwell E.I.A. test.
  • perform a number of tests on a given sample simultaneously, for example: TORCH profiles or EBV profiles.
  • capable of independently scheduling several consecutive groups of tests.
  • be interfaced with the user's in-house computer for data management and reporting.



OptiMAL-IT is a reference tool for the detection of Plasmodium antigens (pLDH) using monoclonal antibodies for individual diagnosis and for therapy control, with the following features.

  • PRACTICAL for any field use: Individual packed with all what you need for blood sampling and for the test.
  • SAFE and STANDARDIZED test procedure with everything done in plastic container.
  • Allow you to detect all four species of Plasmodium spp. (P. falciparum, P.vivax, P.ovale and P.malariae) within 20 min.
  • New SENSITIVITY levels up to 50 - 100 P.falciparum parasites in 1 µL of blood.
  • Better SPECIFICITY avoiding false positivity due to some non-specific reactions (new "lysis-dilution" buffer avoiding heterophilic antibodies!).
  • Reference tool to CONTROL the EFFECTIVENESS of therapy.


Avantor™ Performance Materials (formerly Mallinckrodt Baker) is a global manufacturer of high-purity performance chemistries and materials sold under the J.T.Baker® and Mallinckrodt® brand. Our products are used in laboratory, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and microelectronic industries worldwide.

Products marketed in Malaysia include the following:


  • Stain and Dyes
    • Eosin Solution
    • Geimsa
    • Hemacolor
    • Hematoxylin
    • Leishman stain
    • May Grunwald
    • Papanicolaou stains
    • Wright stain


  • Fixatives
    • Buffered Formaldehyde
    • Formalin Neutralizer
    • Bouin's Fixative
    • Decalcifier Rapid


  • Clearing agents
    • Paraffin
    • UltraPar (54-56oC)
    • UltraClear
    • Mounting Clear
    • UltraKitt


  • Solvents
    • Acetone
    • Ethanol 96% & 99%
    • Ethanol denatured
    • with Methanol
    • Isopropanol
    • Methanol
    • Xylene