Year 2015

Clinical Education Monthly Newsletter


November 2015 (07/2015) December 2015 (08/2015)  

" Diagnosis of Patients

with Infective Endocarditis "

"Management of Sepsis

in Malaysia"

July 2015 (04/2015) August 2015 (05/2015) October 2015 (06/2015)

" Benefits of Engaging

Phlebotomists in

Blood Culture Collections "

" Antimicrobial Resistance "

"Should We Collect a

"Waste" Blood Specimen

when Drawing Blood Culture 

from an Intravascular Device?" 

January 2015 (01/2015) February 2015 (02/2015) March 2015 (03/2015)

"Guidelines for Pediatric


"Blood culture bottles

incubation period, 

5 days or more?

"The Variety of Blood Culture

Collection Sites (Peripheral,

Femoral, Arterial & Catheter)"





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